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8 part Challenge Series
taking you through Mark’s unique training principles 

New to Mark Langley Horsemanship?
Or want to try something with a clear focus – this is for you!

The Challenge will take you through a logical progression of some of Mark’s

You’ll be given 2 weeks to work on each Challenge

Each Challenge will consist of an exercise designed to help you develop your horsemanship,
improve your clarity & communication and

see improvements in your horse

You’ll be given a specific task to work on – with in depth explanations and horse training videos from Mark walking you through, step-by-step!
It is suitable for everyone, from anyone beginning to learn horsemanship to retraining your horse under Mark’s principles. Starting from the ground and working up, with options to stay on the ground for most of the challenges.

Learn how to use the flag without detriment; connect; read your horse’s tension and reduce it; improve flow and balance and more.
This is your introduction to learn Mark Langley Horsemanship!

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Here's what others are saying

The Challenge is an excellent way to help participants understand your approach to horsemanship and to apply this to their own horse, in their own time, in a clear and structured way


Mark, you are exactly who I have been looking for, really enjoying the challenge, and what you are explaining feels right


Was blown away. I came away from the challenge, excited and jumping with joy. Finally feel its possible l can have a two way relationship with my newish horse.  The linked videos 100% helped me understand what to do


I've learned from a lot of trainers over the years but thrilled to be able to learn from Mark. Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.

Carol 2

You say what you are looking for the horse to do. This helps me tremendously


The guidance it gives me is great with specific things to work on. Videos very helpful too.


I am enjoying this challenge as it has guided me to step back and really feel the space I'm in with my horse. I started my journey in 2006 with this horse in the Parelli program. We did that for 4 years. I then became disillusioned as my horse would do things without me asking. It made me sad that when I showed up he thought he had to do something. I appreciate your explanations as they are in line with how Harry (Whitney) teaches but you explain in an excellent way for me to learn.


I started following (you), as I found my horses were not connecting with me … even my older boy has wanted me with him now instead of moving away and staying away.


I have learnt so much….completely love what I am doing and learning through you. THANK YOU


I am more aware of me, my behavior and habits around (my horse), and his behaviour, needs and habits. I now realize that I have quite a few things to work on. I am looking forward to the next challenge.


Loving this Challenge, as it has really made me realise that I have been micromanaging my pony for years.


I have noticed that the more you are confident and aware of the horses body language /signs you make a big progress in a short amount of time.


lots of great information


This (Challenge) gave me the confidence that I was using (a tool) in a way to help my horse.


So much in-depth info to bring about awareness


Great information and video examples are super


Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.


I just loved this whole (Challenge) series. I love the way he presents the subject material. So easy to understand.


Mark has changed my outlook on ground work fundamentally. I've been using his method with both my TWHs and my daughter's RMH. The results are consistent with all three horses, that have very different personalities. I highly recommend Mark's website and the Challenge series.



  • How to Connect
  • How to train a horse under Mark’s principles
  • How to read and reduce tension in your horse
  • How to guide your horse instead of lunging
  • Focus work with backing up (ground and ridden)
  • Focus on feel and leading
  • From of the best Mark Langley horse training videos selected for you
  • About Emotional Horsemanship and how you can empower results
  • Specific exercises to work on
  • In depth information from Mark

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