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Since coming to the clinic, for the first time in 5 years of having Blue, I feel like we have a connection rather than that he is just tolerating me – he even nickers sometimes when he sees me.  Even my non-horsy husband has noticed it!


Murphy and myself were at your resent clinic held ...and I wanted to thank you for getting us back on track. It has only been 5 days since we returned home but there has been at huge change in Murphy, mostly due to my new approach, “it’s not personal”...He is already less confused by my behaviour/body language and happier and more relaxed around me with a lot fewer cranky faces. I was not enjoying my time with him at all to the point I was thinking of finding him a new home but now I am looking forward to bringing him back into ridden work and achieving some goals.


I stepped right outside my usual riding to try and find some new tools for my issues, and Mark had my boy sussed in 5 seconds flat!


After over sixty years of playing with horses it's delightful to watch Mark's innovative and refreshing approach


I was so impressed with Mark and his style of teaching. I saw a big shift in my horse between day 1 and day 2


Mark is like no other clinician I have seen. His empathy, sincerity and willingness to help each and every horse and person reach a better place is incredible!


It was an honor to watch your recent clinic. Love how you worked with the horses and their humans. So much respect from me.


At the clinic I attended I saw the most beautiful connection between a lady and her horse. The closeness between them was amazing. I think Mark's ability to gauge the person and where the horse is at is a gift. I'm looking forward to my next clinic.


It will radically challenge everything you ever thought you knew about horses, encourage you to experiment and inspire you to better connect with your horse in every way. A great big thank you to Mark for giving us many simple and clear tools to be better.


Marks way of teaching was amazing..he really understood and could read what was going on and showed me ways to connect I thought I'd never be able to do. Best weekend EVER!


All I can say is wow! We host a lot of clinics, but I have never before seen participants and fence sitters glued to the arena fence, not daring to wander off in case they missed something. Already we have filled the next clinic. Do yourself a favour and get to one of his clinics. Beg, borrow or steal a horse to take. It will change you.


Just home from a clinic at Marks place and I left wishing it was not over. Feeling the happiness of your own progress and watching others have there’s was fantastic The clinic was so individually focused on you and your horses needs. I will definitely be booking again.


With full explanations of why to do what and when Mark addressed individual needs while guiding everyone with patience and clear instructions. The results for both horses and handlers in two days was nothing short of amazing.


Mark has a unique understanding of how to train horses and their humans to not only connect but to achieve great things. He is a truly gifted teacher with a tremendous insight into the horses mind. Once you have had a glimpse of the horses world through his eyes the way you see them will be forever changed. Highly recommend.


His unique ability to accurately assess the needs of each horse and participant in his clinics is outstanding. His sense of humour, use of visualisation to help explain his training techniques and humility make every clinic a safe, supportive, and life changing experience. Can't recommend highly enough.


I have improved myself so much that I feel that I can offer my horses a place to centre with me in most situations. I have gained so much confidence in my self which in turn has given my horses confidence. My understanding of having a horses thoughts, rein aids and the accelerator is now at the next level.


Mark’s gentleness and compassion for horses and their people shines through. Mark gets me thinking every single time and my beloved mare and I thank him for it.


The clinic with Mark was absolutely mind expanding, and experiencing and understanding the shifts with my horse was so valuable!!

Kylie D

Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.


I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend this 6 day clinic with Mark. His integrity and wisdom shone through as he patiently helped both horses and owners to a better place and ensured the owners had a strong understanding of his underlying principles. Mark also maintained his equilibrium when faced with some pretty challenging behaviour from my horse. Amazing clinic. I can't wait for the next one.


My aha moment was you explaining that she didn't need to be focusing on me (my thought) but learning to control her own emotions. A gamechanger!


Can I just say, I've just got home from day 1 of Mark's clinic and wow just wow! Never before in the many clinics I've been to does someone make so much sense in the description of riding from the ground with a leadrope and how this will translate in the saddle. I can't wait for tomorrow. My horse had massive positive changes from his training and I had those light bulb moments.


The best horseman in Australia by far ! Even though Mark had never worked with a mule previously, he was the only trainer that identified his complex thought process, and how best to relate to and work with him effectively. Mark is a true Horseman, with a unique gift of insight into the equines mind, and a passion to share his experience and knowledge with all that wish to learn.


This clinic was so very helpful to me. Mark gave excellent advice and my horse left the clinic so much more relaxed, softer and better understood. I now know what to look for, how to ask questions and most importantly, to me, not to tell my horse what to do but to give him the opportunity to work out things for himself. That might seem strange to say but once you get Mark to show you, it all makes so much sense. Actually, it makes me a better person too. Thanks Mark.


Thank you Mark. So impressed with my horse since doing your clinic huge improvement


I have learned so much from you. Making great progress. Your way resonates with us. Thank you!


wow I didn't even have to say anything to Mark and he went straight to the cause of my mare's anxiety and how to work through it


– Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinics –

“I try to gain Emotional & Physical Balance in your horse”

“My aim is to help YOU help your horse to learn.
I involve horses in the learning experience, which improves their connection, confidence and ability.
Everything is specific to each individual horse and it’s owner. I encourage horses to FIND rather than do.
You will get the best movement when your horse is happy about it.”

Mark Langley has trained thousands of horses internationally and professionally.
He has fixed horses for decades.
Australia – USA – Europe – New Zealand – UK

Individual 1:1 lessons at all clinics – specific to each horse’s needs.
Mark will look at what your horse needs and address specific areas that will help reduce tension, improve flow and connection.
Learn Mark Langley Horsemanship. Suitable for beginner horse riders right through to top level.
Clinics are designed for everyone, across the board of disciplines and experiences, because it’s working on a foundation relevant to everyone + specific to each horse & rider.

Individual tuition specific to you & your horses needs guaranteed.
All methods fully explained.


Fence Sitters

Onlookers/ fence sitters are welcome at most clinics.
We encourage you to come and watch Mark in action and learn some new techniques. These information packed days are full of insights and advice.
Just turn up – pay on the day – and BYO chair.
Clinics start 8am.

2 Day Horsemanship Clinics

“Mark showed me ways to connect I thought I’d never be able to do.” Millie

Strictly limited to 10 participants so that everyone gets individual tuition, tailored to you & your horse.

Connecting your horse’s mind to your ideas: Producing Connection & Softness

Taught in small groups or pairs giving you time to practice. Mark will work with you 1:1 individually twice each day, for approx 20 mins sessions.
You choose what you want to work on (it can be ground or ridden).
When you are not being taught or practicing “forget your horse just watch and learn” sessions enable you to learn as much of his philosophy that guides his approach as you can.

These 2 day courses will cover skills and philosophy to show:

  • Tap into your horse’s mindset
  • Emotional + physical balance
  • How and why to connect with feel – not just avoid pressure
  • Create Search + Desire
  • Recognise and reduce tension
  • Teach in a way which encourages happier horses
  • Ways to train which leave your horse more balanced, relaxed, focused and comfortable with you
  • Suitable for all riders and horses

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3-4 Day Clinics

“This was the first time I have seen Mark in person and to witness the change in both horse and rider over the  3 days was absolutely amazing. To be inspired by an amazing horseman is truly refreshing.” Trevor

Connecting your horse’s mind to your ideas: Producing Connection & Softness – more time with Mark = more gains made

Daily Program:

  • Arena tuition & watch and learn sessions
  • Same as 2 day Clinics but day 3 & 4 will allow you to improve on the Change that you have started to make on day 1 & 2
  • Time allowed for digging a bit deeper into future proofing success

3/ 4 day clinics are usually catered for with evening meals included.

Max 10 riders so that you get quality individual tuition in a safe group setting.

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6 Day Intensive Training Clinics

“Listening to Mark explain things was so interesting and inspiring. My horse softened for me…he become more responsive…you have totally influenced the way I now interact with my horses. My only regret is I didn’t do one of your clinics sooner.” Belinda

Watch Mark train your horse for 3 days.

Then Mark will help you to continue on that training for the next 3 days after your day off.

Limited to 6 participants. You will see the progression of 5 other horses and learn from the multiple ways Mark tackles different problems and different horses.

Intensive, exclusive and really progressive.

2 course dinners usually included.

Suitable for any horse.

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Young horse start/ Problem Solving clinics

“I highly recommend working with Mark Langley to achieve better, long term results…regardless of your riding style. Mark’s techniques are not gimmicks, they are the culmination of many years riding, training, questioning and striving to improve his own and the horse’s understanding of what we ask.”

Significantly start your horse under the guidance of Mark Langley.

This course will include:

  • Limited to a handful of horses
  • One long lesson or time split into 2 lessons each day
  • Watch the other horse starts and learn a terrific amount
  • Day off in middle

Also suitable for horses who are green or horses you are having problems with that need some serious education.

Word of warning – these clinics fill quickly.

Update: 2024 will include a Horse Starting Clinic!

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International clinics

I travel to  USA, New Zealand, & Europe as often as I can to teach.

For Germany have an interpreter with me at each event.

Click here if you are interested in Mark's 2023 Europe tour

Click here if you are interested in Mark's 2024 USA tour

Learn from Home

Mark Langley Online Horsemanship Training Videos: Learn alongside hundreds of others around the world, how to solve issues and make progress under Mark’s Unique and Highly Effective Training.

FREE 7 day trial! Then just $20/mth

+500 training videos
+Ask Mark a question each fortnight
+Video reviews
+ Challenge Series – step by step progression of Mark’s key techniques
+ Online Training Videos include: long reining, ground skills for connection, riding for connection, successful loading, problem solving and more
+New videos added monthly

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Why my clinics are different:

  • “I teach people how much pressure to apply – and how and when to apply it (not just increase pressure until something happens)
  • I teach you ways to train which help your horse to feel better – horses leave my clinics happier
  • I teach you ways to train which leave your horse more balanced (relaxed and focused and comfortable with you – not tense and worried and focused elsewhere)
  • I explain WHY I do things and give you the tools to go away and train in your own way at home – it is not about doing what Mark Langley does and hoping for the best – I want you to understand the principles behind my philosophy and springboard off that
  • You’ll get individual attention
  • Limited strictly to 10 riders so I will help you individually and tailor lessons to suit you and your horse
  • I have trained and started a huge variety of horses; I have a unique understanding and knowledge based on results and I am more than happy to pass that knowledge onto you”

How to book on Mark Langley’s Clinics:

1. Complete the online booking form available from Mark’s clinic calendar.

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