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I just love the membership, Mark is an incredible trainer


I am enjoying my horse so much more than I ever have and feel like I'm gaining more skills in thinking for myself and being creative than I ever had the power to do.  Please don't stop.


Hands down Mark is the best. I've looked at all the noted horsemen. He proves it without trying to. He has all the tools I needed. Thanks Mark.


Thanks to Mark's teachings my mare has come a long way: from super anxious on the ground and under saddle to super soft in hand and relaxed under saddle. Thank you Mark.


Just saying, this challenge just in itself, has been bloody huge for my mare. Today, when I became the tree, she literally walked across the yard and stood with me. This has NEVER happened before! She also didn't leave me after I did her feet today, and actually followed me a few steps when I left first. This from a mare that usually has strong thoughts about leaving..... I'm so grateful, I feel we've opened up a space for us to be together now 🙏😌 Thank you so much!

😃Tracey & Indie x🐴

I have to have to stop watching so I don’t get way ahead of myself in my training but it’s so hard - he is so good thankyou


I have spent my day off watching your online videos and love them!!


After over sixty years of playing with horses it's delightful to watch Mark's innovative and refreshing approach


Mark's approach to relating to the horse is wonderful.  He is able to relay that in impeccable ways


I am finding Mark’s philosophy so refreshing and has made me rethink my whole approach to my horses now.


Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.


I follow many teachers and trainers but you are the one who truly resonates with me.


$15 is soooooo cheap. I would pay $30

Love the Duchess videos! Really appreciate all that Mark teaches us!


Your "follow the feel" philosophy is why I purchased a year subscription for your website.  I am glad I did.  My approach to horses is far more effective in establishing a partnership with them.  I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center.    


I love watching Marks videos....my horses 🐎 are happier for it.


I love your training videos and podcasts. I look forward to each month of new videos and study the subtle communication. You are so good with horses


I can’t thank Mark enough for sharing his unbelievable skills with us both through his clinics and online subscription.


Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and techniques with us online; you've helped me so much with my own confidence and with my horse


I can't believe how much difference (the online videos) have made - this week he was a different pony - calm, relaxed ...I am so overwhelmed at the change


Our connection has grown so much already that I am still in a little disbelief, he actually wants to be with me now…absolutely loving it!!


Your videos have helped me tremendously… Since watching you I have a much more focused horse....WOW WOW WOW.  She was really understanding....decreased brace by 90%...so thrilled.


The latest clinic videos are brilliant.


It’s given me a lot better understanding of my relationship with my horses.


This subscription is one of the best tools I have to instruct me and my horse. Well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.


I really don't think you realize the difference you make in a stranger's life. You have given me a horse that has learned how to calmly communicate his worry or discomfort. … THANK YOU for giving me the tools to cope with it and keep us safe. Please keep those videos coming.


Excellent way to reinforce what you learned at one of Marks clinics. I’m finding them sensational.


Your On-line Videos are really helpful- such a difference!!! I'm delighted with their extra enthusiasm... They've always been happy to see me, but this feels extra special! The horses are loving the work. Thank you for your sharing your philosophy and skills.


I love this!  I feel I have help to train my own horses


I absolutely love this subscription. I have only just got back into the horse world after 40 odd years. I bought my QH mare  just over 12 months ago and have struggled to find advice and training that I was happy with. Marks way of helping and training horses makes so much sense to me and I finally feel I have a direction to follow. I attended the Springfield clinic in March and was so impressed with not only Marks knowledge but his kindness and patience. A horseman and a gentleman.


Mark is so thorough in the details compared to some of his counterparts......they make so much sense!


Mark’s videos helped me connect with my new horse through trust. The approach has been wonderful allowing a bond and connect. It is a great foundation. Thank you


Amazing value for money

I highly recommend Mark's online videos to everyone. Extremely knowledgeable in understanding horses and very good at teaching those ideas.


You’ll be amazed what you never considered


The Q & A segments are great to have my questions answered but often other questions are relevant to me as well with good information


I just loved this whole (Challenge) series. I love the way he presents the subject material. So easy to understand.


Fantastic value for money

I learned so much in just a few sessions!!


Your "follow the feel" philosophy is why I purchased a year subscription for your website. I am glad I did. My approach to horses is far more effective in establishing a partnership with them.


Mark is a displays wonderful non-judgmental explanations of his theory and practical points of view. He has exponentially improved my understanding of horses and training.


Mark has changed my outlook on ground work fundamentally. I've been using his method with both my TWHs and my daughter's RMH. The results are consistent with all three horses, that have very different personalities. I highly recommend Mark's website and the Challenge series.


7 day FREE membership trial


Try something New

If you’ve reached a point where you don’t know what to do, things aren’t working, it’s time to try something new. The reason I got into teaching horsemanship was because I realised so much of the information out there doesn’t work.

  I offer a different approach

My clinics and members are full of people who are wanting results without their horses regressing.

The sad truth is that many of the common practices we are taught are not right for horses. Many bottle up anxiety or become mechanical.

There is an alternative – there is a way to train horses without the pushy, alpha-approach – and it is highly effective on all horses, because it looks into where horse’s are struggling emotionally.

I Address their Mind + Body

That’s what I teach.  

  Online Horse Training that Empowers Horses with Choice, Balance + Understanding

Have them Present, Confident in your Ability, Attentive to what you Ask

Gain a willing, learning state of Mind.

Train through Directing a Horse’s Thought, Guiding and Focus

Change undesirable behaviours through Empowering Alternatives

Improve their Emotional Stability, setting Your Horse and You up
for greater Success

Suitable for Beginners to Advanced people/ horses

Monthly membership

AUD $20/mth
7 day Free Trial


Unlimited access to +600 videos
New videos added monthly
Cancel / rejoin anytime
Ask Mark a question in his fortnightly Q & A sessions
Challenge Series taking you through Marks Key Concepts
Free Video Reviews of your training
Suitable for all riders, all horses & disciplines

Training Videos & Series
Starting horses + Foal handling Series
Releasing & Understanding Brace Series
Psychology & Philosophy for a happier horse Explanation Videos
Learn to How to Create Personal Space Effectively
Train by Getting Horses to Go towards their thoughts
Helping Shut Down Horses
Correcting Connection Disability/ Separation Anxiety
Liberty Series
Long Reining Series
Insights to Check on your horse's Foundation
Building Trust Series
Learn the Essentials of Leading
Reduce Leading Evasions (eg rearing)
Help horses damaged from Driving Pressure
How to Load + Travel Safely Series
Gain Balance and Body Control
How to Improve Transitions Series
Reduce Magnetism Series
Watch the Progression



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Getting a horse to do something is profoundly different from teaching a horse

To teach successfully your horse needs to be listening to you and it needs to be comfortable with what you ask it to do.

A movement when it is not comfortable will be braced and stiff.
A lack of understanding or clarity can lead to challenges, problems and aggression.

There is no need to drive, add more spurs or kicks or use dominating “alpha” techniques.
If your current horsemanship skills increase pressure, or cause sweating, foaming, bit chewing, fidgety or flighty behaviour, it isn’t going to work. Problems eventually get worse. I have spent decades trying to fix horses like these.

Let me show you a different way that works on all horses.

  Bring your horse’s mind and body closer together.

Improve your relationship with deep trust.

Understand how to be effective whilst building confidence, desire and softness.

Improve what you do. 

Proven Techniques

Tried and tested over decades to work on all horses that reduce emotional + physical brace.

Learn new practical techniques that use feel and guiding.

Improve your skills and presence through clear “do’s” and “don’ts”, tips, guidance, knowledge of affects and signs to watch for.

whole Series on Explanations, Philosophy and Psychology – so you can really get inside your horse’s head!

Why Choose to train under Mark?

I offer a Different Approach
My clinics and members are full of people who are wanting results without their horses regressing. The sad truth is that many of the common practices we are taught are not right for horses. Many bottle up anxiety or become mechanical. There is an alternative – there is a way to train horses without the pushy, alpha-approach – and it is highly effective on all horses, because it looks into where horse’s are struggling emotionally. That’s what I teach.
I’ve helped many 1000’s of horses
From wild horses to arabs; hafflinger horses to hot horses; huge warmbloods to OTT race horses…and a few donkeys. I understand that each horse is different – and how to connect with it. Blanket, step-by-step approaches won’t work in the long term. Building your in-depth knowledge and skills will – and I’ll help you not only do – but understand why so you can tailor your training as you need it to be.
This is about helping your horse
Put agenda’s aside. Find support and like-minded people through the Private Group all wanting to help their horse. And they do. The success stories are why I do what I do.
Free 7 day trial
Take a look. Indulge your passion. If it doesn’t appeal, cancel within the 7 days and you won’t be charged.

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