Testimonials on Mark Langley

I just wanted to say "Thankyou" for your courage and integrity to teach and train horses in a new and more partnered way! Kudos to you! I have struggled with standard horse training means for as long as I can remember and I am so happy to join this wonderful resource!


Flossy has come so far in the last 2 years and it's all thanks to the Mark Langley Horsemanship training. From a highly anxious, rearing, OTTB that was explosive and unpredictable to a responsive, confident, calm and sweet horse. Thank you for identifying what her brace / issues were and for giving me the tools to educate and empower my horse. The leading work and reinsmanship you showed us has changed her mindset completely: one from fear, uncertainty and reactivity to willingness, try and confidence. I look forward to continuing to learn from you, bettering my horsemanship skills and helping my horse to feel good.  Loved the clinic and loved the Masterclass too. Please keep doing the work you're doing. It's going to change the face of horsemanship as we know it today.


Murphy and myself were at your resent clinic held ...and I wanted to thank you for getting us back on track. It has only been 5 days since we returned home but there has been at huge change in Murphy, mostly due to my new approach, “it’s not personal”...He is already less confused by my behaviour/body language and happier and more relaxed around me with a lot fewer cranky faces. I was not enjoying my time with him at all to the point I was thinking of finding him a new home but now I am looking forward to bringing him back into ridden work and achieving some goals.


Hello from Canada Mark. I recently joined your video library and wanted to thank you for sharing your concept of flag work. As a student of NHS since 2005, I am pretty handy with the techniques. Now I see the harm I caused my youngster by over doing the NHS principles of desensitizing and driving; thereby creating a shut down horse.... I stumbled across a video of yours that explained your concept of directing instead of driving ... I finally feel I have a way to help my horse come out of his shell and enjoy being with me. Thank you for the help!


I just wanted to reach out and say a massive thank you for making your podcast available. I have literally learnt so much from binge listening the whole content and am very excited to join your video classroom. I haven't attended your clinics as a participant as I was very loyally following another trainer who I have great respect for, but I somehow seem to have missed the concept of adding pressure to help the horse cope with pressure. Everything I've learnt seems to have been about relaxation and minimising any discomfort to the horse and I now see how wrong that is, and I see it in my own horses. I went to a Harry Whitney clinic a long time ago and I think your teachings really show me how the rein can indeed be a comfort, and what directing the horse's thoughts looks like. I am very excited to join your online community and continue learning from you. In fact the quality of questions is so good, I wonder if you guys don't create them!


(My horse) is aged now (about 20 something, and quite stiff in his joints), but had always been quite an anxious horse which led to the dropping of my confidence level, even with all my years of being around horses. However... because as a member of your website and access to the wonderful online videos, I have made massive improvements in my fellow's behaviour to the point he is just so relaxed, well mannered and just beautiful (including to look at). I never realised the amazing shape the horse can become when so relaxed under saddle and just moving around freely. Your attitude and knowledge Mark is truly amazing, and your ability to explain the reasonings has made so much sense which I am so thankful for.


After riding without legs for a couple of weeks, I barely have to use them now to get a result.  His steering and backup are much softer and more responsive, and we don't lose forward anymore when I turn a corner.  He also doesn't stare off into the distance as much, and he's keeping his teeth mostly to himself :). I just wanted to say thank you so much for the push in the right direction.  I feel like I have a better ability to understand the nuances in Noah's behaviour, which has allowed me to think differently about how I behave also.  Every ride now is genuinely enjoyable without the frustrating moments we had before, and I can tell Noah is having a better time as well.


Mark's approach to relating to the horse is wonderful. He is able to relay that in impeccable ways to those of us searching for help in our relationships with our equine partners.


Never before have a learned from someone so connected to the psychology of the horse.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge of a better way to be with horses.  It has made all the difference.


I came to fence sit at your recent clinic.   I am so glad I did.  I joined your membership and now avidly watching your videos, the best value $15 a month, ever. I am slowly seeing some really lovely changes in his attitude, both mentally and physically, winding right back,  putting all my sticks and ropes away....We are starting to work happily with each other in the arena instead of seeing reluctant obedience and degrees of frustration.    I can see it's going to take time, and it is pretty challenging leaving those old habits behind, but I can see the light.  You have given me many answers in your videos and podcasts, just a grateful thank you :)


I just wanted to thank you for all the training videos out there. I don’t currently have a horse but I do have a nine-year-old small dog. It’s interesting to apply the techniques that are simply about respect and engagement. The softening of the eye the turning of the head and all of these can be applied to other animals and people as well. So I just want to say thank you for what you are doing. For all of your team and what they are doing. It’s benefiting more than just the horse world I’m sure


I'm still buzzing from insights gained at Mark's clinic last weekend. It's so refreshing to have a clinitian so dedicated to helping horses and their people. Mark's ability to observe what's needed and skill to impart his knowledge and experience is exceptional. I've attended many clinics run by successful horsemen and women here and overseas.  Mark is the first one I've seen who offers something original in over 40 years.  Best yet...it works


Thanks to Mark Langley for the most rewarding education in horsemanship I have experienced to date. I am in the process of working to forget everything I ever thought I knew about horsemanship, young horse training foundations and most importantly, the horse’s mental wellbeing and their understanding of what we are saying to them…Mark has been refining this language for decades and is the only person I have encountered in Australia (so far) who understands and genuinely lives his philosophy and methodology of horsemanship that allows horses to have freedom of thought and choice and maintain a state of mental happiness while having a happy and trusting connection with their people. Equine Ability has been around for a while, however Mark’s downfall (if he has one) is that he is not a self-promoter or a showman and for this reason I have wasted 20 years applying what I thought were best available approaches when there are even better ways in existence. The recent clinic I attended in the Hunter Valley was mind blowing for me and life changing for my horses. I will no longer mistake obedient, person-focused or quiet horses for (necessarily) happy horses…I now have a new lens on how I see a horses’ mental state and how I can help them let go of things that cause them anxiety or worry to help them remain comfortable and confident. I urge all horse lovers, enthusiasts and equine professionals out there to challenge yourselves and beliefs about what is truly good and mentally kind horsemanship and have a look into this.


I stepped right outside my usual riding to try and find some new tools for my issues, and Mark had my boy sussed in 5 seconds flat!


After over sixty years of playing with horses it's delightful to watch Mark's innovative and refreshing approach


I follow many teachers and trainers but you are the one who truly resonates with me.


He has exponentially improved my understanding of horses and training


I have learned so much from you. Making great progress. Your way resonates with us. Thank you!


I’ve watched many trainers but your philosophy really resonates with me.  I really appreciate your teaching and your compassion towards both horse and human.


I took weekly lessons with a dressage rider for a year and a half (she was really great) but I never felt the connection. Never felt relaxed. But continued the search to find a better way. THANK YOU! I have found a way through your ideas and methods.


Mark's ability to identify what each horse and rider needed to work on was frankly amazing. The extent of changes we saw in the horses on the four day clinic literally blew everyone away.


I can’t thank Mark enough for sharing his unbelievable skills with us both through his clinics and online subscription.


I’ve been trying to articulate the difference between Mark Langley and other practitioners and I think I’ve finally done it. Mark is kind, he listens, he’s humble and the way he teaches is a subtle feel for each horse and rider rather than a one size fits all formulaic approach. In human terms, it’s like going to university and being taught by a gifted lecturer instead of going to primary school and learning by rote. Thank you so much Mark and Jenny. My little mare and I had a ball. She was like a kid at Disneyland for the first time.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first clinic with Mark! He’s a very talented and down to earth horseman who gives 110% to his students, horse and human. Mark has a sense of humour that makes you feel comfortable and at ease whilst also pushing you gently out of your comfort zone. Getting the horse to trust and understand that he’s there to help is wonderful to watch.  I highly recommend anyone book a clinic with Mark, I’ll definitely be going again.


At the clinic I attended I saw the most beautiful connection between a lady and her horse. The closeness between them was amazing. I think Mark's ability to gauge the person and where the horse is at is a gift. I'm looking forward to my next clinic.


! FINALLY, a mentor who is calm, grounded and kind. A man who wants to help the horse and with the intelligence to look under all the ,”sayings” out there in the horsey world and figure out how the horse actually FEELS about things! A horseman who uses boundaries, clarity and firmness that has nothing to do with blame or violence towards the horse. It’s how you can make a change of thought!


Mark, you are a horses lawyer that I can understand. You are helping fill in between the lines of what some great horsemen I know have been talking about. Thank you.


My aha moment was you explaining that she didn't need to be focusing on me (my thought) but learning to control her own emotions. A gamechanger!


The clinic with Mark was absolutely mind expanding, and experiencing and understanding the shifts with my horse was so valuable!!

Kylie D

A true horseman in every way


The best horseman in Australia by far ! Even though Mark had never worked with a mule previously, he was the only trainer that identified his complex thought process, and how best to relate to and work with him effectively. Mark is a true Horseman, with a unique gift of insight into the equines mind, and a passion to share his experience and knowledge with all that wish to learn.


Within a few minutes Mark had sized up my horse, my riding, and the relationship that I had developed with my horse. He could see how some of my "commands" were being deflected by my horse, and how my reaction to that was only hardening my horse's defection of me.  We literally got re-wired by the simple but ingenious exercises that Mark then us through. I have since watched Mark work with a dozen or more horses and their riders, and I'm struggling to think of one similar exercise he gave across those sessions. It seems like each session is an entirely new experience. Mark was also wonderful with our 14 year old daughter and her horse, who we have had for year. He was pretty shut down and resistant when we got him. Mark helped find his spirit again and helped our daughter to work WITH him, not against him. We continue to see changes in him which are so exciting and very rewarding.

Maggie (Executive Coach)

Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.


I really don't think you realize the difference you make in a stranger's life. You have given me a horse that has learned how to calmly communicate his worry or discomfort. … THANK YOU for giving me the tools to cope with it and keep us safe. Please keep those videos coming.


Mark is a national treasure. His unique ability to accurately assess the needs of each horse and participant in his clinics is outstanding. He has a unique gift in understanding how horses think and really cares about helping people to achieve their goals through calmness and connection. His sense of humour, use of visualisation to help explain his training techniques and humility make every clinic a safe, supportive, and life changing experience. Can't recommend highly enough.


Thank you on helping us all with your knowledge.


Mark has a unique understanding of how to train horses and their humans to not only connect but to achieve great things. He is a truly gifted teacher with a tremendous insight into the horses mind. Once you have had a glimpse of the horses world through his eyes the way you see them will be forever changed. Highly recommend.


It will radically challenge everything you ever thought you knew about horses, encourage you to experiment and inspire you to better connect with your horse in every way. A great big thank you to Mark for giving us many simple and clear tools to be better.


All I can say is wow! We host a lot of clinics, but I have never before seen participants and fence sitters glued to the arena fence, not daring to wander off in case they missed something. Already we have filled the next clinic. Do yourself a favour and get to one of his clinics. Beg, borrow or steal a horse to take. It will change you.


Marks way of teaching was amazing..he really understood and could read what was going on and showed me ways to connect I thought I'd never be able to do. Best weekend EVER!


It’s given me a lot better understanding of my relationship with my horses.


With full explanations of why to do what and when Mark addressed individual needs while guiding everyone with patience and clear instructions. The results for both horses and handlers in two days was nothing short of amazing.


This subscription is one of the best tools I have to instruct me and my horse. Well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.


The videos are fantastic!


We are currently working with one of these (challenging) mares right now and are finding that getting more in tune with her is slowing building our connection and everyone’s confidence. She is highly sensitive and intelligent and can be prone to over reacting to stimuli. Your unique approach is definitely effective and makes a lot of sense, so thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.


Life changing and inspiring!!!!


Mark is like no other clinician I have seen. His empathy, sincerity and willingness to help each and every horse and person reach a better place is incredible!


It was an honor to watch your recent clinic. Love how you worked with the horses and their humans. So much respect from me.


Please pass my thanks and gratitude to Mark for his tuition it is what I have been looking for, and now I have had a taste of what could be possible with some acute practice and some truly inspiring tuition I’m hooked and am excited just how far I might get as a self described point, kick and pull rider on a broke down ex race horse.


Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and techniques with us online; you've helped me so much with my own confidence and with my horse


Just home from a clinic at Marks place and I left wishing it was not over. Feeling the happiness of your own progress and watching others have there’s was fantastic The clinic was so individually focused on you and your horses needs. I will definitely be booking again.


"Thank you. Equine Ability is having a profound affect on the way I ride and handle my beloved horses."


It unfortunately took me a couple of years to find Mark. I was always searching for a better connection with my horse. All the other trainers I come across talked about connection but I couldn’t understand how you could get a connection when you are driving a horse away i.e hooking on, driving the hindquarters around with a rope or flag or getting a horse to lunge around you swinging a rope at them. I’ve just returned from one of Marks clinics. The horse I took suffers from terrible anxiety and was unable to keep his mind in one spot.( he gave me a headache just watching him) Mark was able to take this troubled boy and and show him the sweet spot, it was unbelievable to watch George just dropped his head and searched for Mark, over the course of the 2 day clinic a lot of the time I was just standing with George however he was connecting with me which was the most amazing feeling sometimes doing nothing is doing something!


Can I just say, I've just got home from day 1 of Mark's clinic and wow just wow! Never before in the many clinics I've been to does someone make so much sense in the description of riding from the ground with a leadrope and how this will translate in the saddle. I can't wait for tomorrow. My horse had massive positive changes from his training and I had those light bulb moments.


Thank you for making the trip out to Casa Olyejar! The clinic was small, but very impactful to all who attended! I am sure you will be back if any of us have a say about it!  Thanks again, it was a pleasure to get to know you.


Another super successful clinic with Mark at Macksville with some huge improvements. Thank you Mark for your commitment to horses and riders.


It has been 8 months between my last clinic with Mark and this one. Once again Mark was so understanding...thank you Mark for all your help. This clinic was a massive turning point for me and Dixie and we couldn't have gotten here without your help and support. We look forward to seeing you again.


"Wonderful 2 day clinic with Mark in Perth. My mare is sensitive and nervous particularly away from home and around strange horses. Mark took her in "baby steps" towards becoming much calmer and coping with working in the indoor arena. By the end of the clinic she was going so well and I came home with lots of information on how to keep helping her to become more relaxed and build our bond. Mark looks at every horse/rider individually and is able to assess matters quickly and start helping. He takes things really slowly and works from the basics, so the horse and rider understand what they are doing and the rider understands why they are doing it. There is no magic 1-2-3 steps ... one size fits all with Mark. Horses and people are all different inviduals, and the combinations make it even more complex. Mark helps you work with your horse at your comfort level. He's super supportive and encouraging. Hope he will come back to WA!!!"


"I will definitely be recommending Mark to everyone I meet. I have attended only two clinics and received two private lessons, and the change in my horse is unbelievable. I cannot thank this man enough. I parked my horse in the paddock for a year as I just couldn't control him and at times was very frightening to ride. It took all the fun out of something that I loved. Through Mark's kind and connected way he has with horses, my horse is now able to trot home with a calm and relaxed mind and body, something I only ever dreamed of. I can go on trail rides with friends without my boy getting so concerned about being up the front or wanting to get home. He used to be so bad that he sweated up when he got among other horses. Thanks to Mark this has all changed, my husband doesn't see me much anymore as I'm back in the saddle and out riding and loving every single moment of it again. A big thank you to Jenny who does all the things behind the scenes and keeps the farm running while Mark is out helping humans and horses."


Love the Duchess videos! Really appreciate all that Mark teaches us!


Our connection has grown so much already that I am still in a little disbelief, he actually wants to be with me now…absolutely loving it!!


I am finding Mark’s philosophy so refreshing and has made me rethink my whole approach to my horses now.


"Mark doesn't get impatient like other trainers I've been too."


I can't believe how much difference (the online videos) have made - this week he was a different pony - calm, relaxed ...I am so overwhelmed at the change


Your videos have helped me tremendously… Since watching you I have a much more focused horse....WOW WOW WOW.  She was really understanding....decreased brace by 90%...so thrilled.


The latest clinic videos are brilliant.


"The best thing for me in the clinic was the change in my horse and more particularly, the change in our relationship. This came from a change in me. Mark always shows me how to ask less and get more, how to isolate the aids so the horse isn't confused, how to keep asking the right question from the horse and allow the horse to find the right answer. He went from me being nervous of asking him to walk out on the first day to cantering happily on the second. His thing is to grab the rein in his mouth and suck it like a dummy when he is stressed. He did this constantly for the first day and a half. By the second afternoon, he had relaxed so much that he no longer needed his "security blanket”. Thank you Mark for helping whoever needed to float load their horses and for helping me with Zsuzs' feet."


"I can only say that the weekend with Mark was just great! Tad brought his new 41/2 yo anglo/arab which had been giving him a few problems. The difference in horse and rider between start of day 1 and end of day 2 was like chalk and cheese."


"We would like to express our appreciation to you on the professional and capable way you started our two young horses and brought them to where we were able to continue with their education. Both were responsive and showed maturity that we thought may not be achieved for a few years to come. They have been on numerous trail rides with other horses and their good trail manners have been commented on for such inexperienced and young horses. The 8 day camp out ride put them to the test which they both passed with flying colours. We could not be happier with how they have turned out and whole-heartedly would and do recommend your ability to start and train young horses. We look forward to sending you the next generation of our young foals."

Pub Crawls on Horseback

"Thank you for a great weekend at the Cabarita Beach Clinic. It was great to get an understanding of how to use all the foundations you put in place..You get on any horse and they seem to respond immediately to what you are asking, this is great to witness as it shows us all how a horse can be taught at any age and on any level with the right techniques and all with softness. I hope to see you in October on your 4 day clinic, if not sooner."

Sarah, Newrybar

"Thanks to Mark's brilliant training methods I'm connecting better with my horses and looking forward to the next group day. Would highly recommend his methods as they really work."


"Mark. The weekend at lismore was just fantastic. Learnt so much. I always knew I couldn't hassle my horse as he tends to shut down. But I have never been able to find the key to get his trust and unlock his energy. You really taught me how to do this, in a way that made so much sense. Thank you for helping RAffi and I "


"I had an EXCELLENT weekend really enjoyed it."


"I recently participated in a clinic with Mark in Perth and it was really wonderful. Truly. I have been to a lot of clinics - Warwick Schiller, Ross Jacobs, Steve Brady, Alycia Burton (amongst others!) but I came away from Mark's clinic with a crucial "missing piece" - the horse's willing acceptance of the training process through connection with the mindful human, and the resulting genuine relaxation. In my experience, a lot of other trainers don't fully achieve this (although they often talk about relaxation, the reality is a lot of the time the horse still feels negatively)."


"Mark really sees horses and teaches their owners how to listen to them. His gentle way with horses is refreshing in the natural horsemanship world."


"You have such a calm and sensible approach toward horses – you definitely helped refine my thinking and my attitude when working with my horse."


"Its telling then that this modest proponent of natural horsemanship does not wear a watch, rarely appears harried and that the business founded on his natural talent...."


“Mark is a very skilled communicator with both horses and people. I was amazed, not only at how well he could get each horse going himself, but also how he managed to transfer his knowledge and techniques to each rider such that we all left with much greater confidence having had demonstrable success with our own efforts with our horses after only 2 days – it was amazing!“


"Thanks Mark! Great weekend and learnt heaps! For someone like myself who is getting back into horses, it was a great confidence builder, just being around others and in a safe environment..Saving up now for the four day trail ride in November"


"I've been to many clinics over the years as both a spectator and a participant and I can say in all honesty that yours was the most enjoyable and easy to follow clinic I have been to so far. Looking forward to the next one!!"


"The clinic was AWESOME..!! so much learning. Mark has a gift to be able to read a horse and more importantly read the rider. Being quite nervous as I was riding a green horse, Mark went through each exercise step by step and had no hesitation to jump on my horse to help correct a few bad habits. The clinic was a combination of groundwork, arena work and then we worked outside in the wide open spaces. A true holistic approach. All the time Mark was giving both the horse and rider the necessary tools to keep them safe. I would totally recommend this clinic for riders of all levels, the learning is enormous."

Jenni, Halls Creek

"Mark you truly are an amazing and inspirational man. You have made such a difference, my confidence on Bella has improved unbelievably. How you connect with both the horse and rider is just so amazing, you impart your knowledge in an easy to understand way and are totally non-judgmental. I think you really need to come back on a regular basis."


"I had a ball fence sitting at one of Marks recent clinics while my wife worked with her horse! I learnt heaps and will definitely be taking my own horse to the next clinic. Mark is very quick to read the horse and handler so that every person at the clinic got a customized lesson on the spot to achieve the learning outcomes. Brilliant!"


"If you only go to one clinic a year make sure it is a Mark Langley clinic, one the best, informative and positive weekends I have ever been on."


"Hi Mark, something exciting happened yesterday afternoon. I picked up the reins and gently asked Lewis to back up to which he did beautifully. Worked him through a dressage test and he was more forward in the trot. Amazing changes are happening! Thank you for sharing your way."


"Thanks Jenny and Mark for a wonderful four days. couldn't have asked for a better time and I know Ash thanks you too. Learnt so much and made many friends. Cannot wait for the chance to do it all again."


"Had the best day with Mark, very impressed! He makes things easy to understand for both people and horses. We learned a lot and had fun as well. Definitely recommend you! Thanks so much!"


"Thanks for a fantastic clinic!! I learnt sssooooo much !! Have come home full of confidence n Angel going like a dream thank you so much!"


"Firstly, thank you so very much to Mark and yourself for coming all this way to work with my horse and for your generosity with your time. It was an absolute pleasure to meet both of you and your gorgeous kids.  Mark has literally saved Blaze's life. I know how over dramatic that sounds but it's completely true. Whilst we have been repeatedly urged to have him 'put down', because he is unsafe and dangerous; at no time has that ever been a serious consideration for us. My heart broke for my guy as he is a smart and kind horse but scared, really scared and I truly believe that he is skittish and fearful because of human cruelty. I sincerely wanted to find a way to change Blaze's mind about people. But, as I came up against this negative thinking from experienced professional horse people, time and again, I had begun to wonder if maybe 'they' were right after all and what on earth did I know. Thank God, you guys showed up when you did!!  Mark is a talented man and to watch him at work was a true privilege. I was astounded and thrilled at  how quickly he had Blaze responding to him and how happy Blaze was to do what was asked of him. The enormity of this, still blows me away. Mark has given Blaze a future and helped me immeasurably by showing me some much needed tools to move forward with my horse. Thank goodness.Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude to Mark. Not only was he exceptionally patient and kind with Blaze but with me also and words can't express how grateful I am."


"Thanks Mark for an experience with my horse I will never forget and will continue to build on; your clinic was more than I could have imagined and I will be back... thanks to Jenny for being such a support to the group."


"Mark's work is outstanding; I will never forget the day he changed my stallions mind in a 3 hour session just following the rope. Highly recommended. Mark & Jenny make the horse world a better place for people and most important for horses."


"I learnt so much and saw huge improvement in my horse, including his attitude. A fabulous weekend. "


Mark hat eine unglaubliche Art und Weise, Ihnen zu helfen, Ihrem Pferd Dinge zu präsentieren, so dass es zu seiner Idee wird und sie sich mit Ihnen zentrieren und Sie ein Team werden. Ich liebe es, dass Mark jedes Pferd und jeden Menschen so behandelt, wie sie es in diesem Moment und an diesem Ort brauchen. Es gibt kein festgelegtes Programm oder Verfahren, dem jeder folgen muss, da jedes Reiter-Team etwas anderes braucht, um sich zu verbinden und zu zentrieren. Ich habe so viel Verbindung, Fluss gewonnen, und ihre Bewegung wird von Tag zu Tag korrekter. Wenn Sie Ihr Pferd immer noch mit einer Fahne, einem Führungsseil, einer Körpersprache oder Sporen von sich vertreiben, um Ihr Pferd zur korrekten Bewegung zu bringen, dann müssen Sie zumindest einen Zaun einrichten, der in einer der Kliniken von Mark liegt. Aber stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie mindestens den ersten und letzten Tag der Klinik besuchen, damit Sie die unglaubliche Verbesserung sehen können.


"...long trail rides through such beautiful scenery! ... The comments from Mark during the rides where he can see you riding your horse outside of the arena environment and can provide instruction as we are riding (was) very helpful. Although I do not find my horse difficult to handle, he does get 'fizzy' and Mark explained this really well through the feeling of being 'trapped' and gave me pointers on preventing him from feeling trapped by letting that energy still flow forward in controlled circles until he connects and then giving him a window or an 'out' of where I want him to go or do until he thinks himself that 'its a good idea'. He was certainly calmer at the end of the four days."


"Mark I appreciate the time you put into Oscar & I. You gave me the confidence & skills to work him in areas he needs most. Was a fabulous 4 days. Jenny, Mark, Ebony & Matthew, was such a pleasure to part of your beautiful family. Loved the lunches with you at the creek but next time I'll pack my lunch in a dog proof container!"


"This was my third 4-day clinic with my gelding Buffalo and the fun and learning never cease! The gift for me this time was to recognise how far my horse and I have come and how much more potential there is for us. I have become much more patient with both my horse and myself. Through this patience I can feel my horse better and know how to help him learn. Mark's teaching feels good, makes sense and shows results. Thank you, Mark and Jenny, for your generosity of spirit."


"A year ago I bought a horse to your clinic semi broken in. In the last year he has progressed wonderfully. Loads of trail riding, stock work, dressage and competed in his first show yesterday. Thanks to all the basics we learnt on the clinics he has picked up dressage with ease and has just started Novice dressage. At his first show I was so impressed with how he handle the excitment of the day. Thanks to the clinics over the last year it has been wonderful to help him adapt to new situations in a calm manner. You met my other more highly strung horse back in March and he is progressing slowly. He has not had much work but we feel we are getting some wins using all the principles we have learnt on both horses to controls his highs. No explosions from him although we have come close we have managed to work him back down using your methods. Thanks Mark for all your help!"


"I enjoyed finding and feeling the potential for better connection with my horse.  I definitely think Goldie improved during the 2 days.  I found we had longer stretches of connection along where he would stay with me. Also our communication has improved. He is starting to understand what I am asking of him.  I came away excited and inspired from the weekend... with a much better understanding of my horse and lots of gems to help us develop and improve our partnership. Many thanks for so generously sharing your experience and knowledge."


"I most enjoyed the safe environment created by Mark's patient and kind approach and how this allowed me and everyone (human and horse) to learn and grow while having fun. Rose regained trust in the learning experience, she rediscovered how to be soft and how to move forward while staying relaxed. She became more supple in her body too. I think..Mark's approach..to always try to understand what the horse is communicating instead of judging it as good or bad...makes the whole experience a positive one with creative solutions. Brilliant really!!!"


"The calm, gentle approach that Mark demonstrates with horses that he explains really well. I also loved immersing myself in 'world horse' for four days instead of tacking it on the end of a busy life. Thank-you so much! Mouse is beginning to pay attention more and carry herself better on the circle. I also have strategies to maintain her attention when scary stuff is around or happening."


"I felt Satine was sooo much softer & responsive after the clinic.  I love Mark's gentle way with horses. He is a true horse man with a genuine love & respect for horses. I am a psychologist & I am very interested in regarding horses from a psychologist viewpoint. I am a fan!"


Mark is not just a talented horseman, he is also a talented educator and is able to share his knowledge in a supportive and generous way. Loving my time under his guidance.


"Listening to Mark explain things was so interesting and inspiring. My horse softened for me with my contact on the reins, he became more responsive by the 4th day and I felt for the first time with him he wanted and waited for me to ask him to do something instead of having slight resistance. Thank you Mark for the life changing experience,every day since I've been home/work I keep thinking about your clinic, you have totally influenced the way I now interact with my horses.  I feel a much calmer attitude ....My only regret is I didn't do one of your clinics sooner."


"I enjoyed the balance between groundwork, arena work and bush riding and gained most satisfaction from special moments of 'bush dressage'. My own focus, consistency and softness were greatly improved in the positive learning environment created by Mark and my horse reflected this back to me. Out in the open terrain he focused a lot better on me instead of on everything else around him and he rewarded me with increased softness too."


"The clinics are a credit to both of you. Mark you have a unique ability to impart your knowledge and adapt different concepts to each horse and rider ... Thanks again for another wonderful 4 day clinic."


"Once again Mark you put on an amazing 4 day clinic, I learn't so much that will help me with my new horse, you have given me plenty of skills to take home and practice when out on a trail ride. The riding out on trails was a fantastic opportunity to gain experience with other horses and rider dynamics. Can't wait to book into the next one. "


“I highly recommend Mark Langley of Equine Ability, he has worked with a number of my horses, from youngsters, to restarts, to complete freshly starting under saddle adult horses. Mark is a rare breed of horseman who truly takes the time to teach both horse and rider/handler in a synergistic way to encourage trust and understanding. He is honest, down to earth and lovely to deal with, and I am very pleased with the work he has done with my own horses. Mark trains them in such a way that all the foundations are put there, and in such a way as the horse is soft, responsive and attentive, a pleasure to ride and handle. The insight Mark has given me with guidance and training tips is truly invaluable. His patience with both horse and humans is remarkable and his methods really work. Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Langley of Equine Ability for training and clinics, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


“Just finished a 2 day clinic with Mark and I am feeling forever great full for the experience and cannot wait to catch up again for another clinic a lot of new approaches to learn and help us be a better team thanks for sharing you.”


“Met Mark last weekend & heard about his philosophy behind hooking the horses mind before directing a horse anywhere, went through the steps involved in doing this, one by one (lol) both online & ridden. All seven of us & our horses improved. Proof is in the pudding really…. Aside from that, it was great to work with an Australian, who talked like an Australian, who dressed like an Australian, who understands us Australians. Mark has a likable personality, is easy to communicate with, & while very professional, still has a good dose of larikin.”


"I always wanted to be a soft rider, but old horse riding teachers for example told me to stop using my legs if I wanted to be soft. But that was no solution, because with only this advice, I felt that I could not even ride a straight line anymore. But with Mark, I learned how to flex and bend the horse without loosing forward energy. The result for us was a perfect side-pass just on a tiniest aid, felt natural.  I think the work with Mark is a pleasure for every horse and rider, no matter what level you are at.  Mark is a practitioner with a lot of experience with all kinds of horses; he did not hesitate to show us boundaries. He did not give us the illusion that with practice in a few days all the problems would be solved. But I have seldom experienced someone who, with such infinite energy and joy, tries to explain and show his methods - I would say he lives his methods, so I can say for myself, that makes me feel good and encouraged me to go on and push the borders further."

Anke, Germany

"Horsemanship training and classical dressage- how does it connect? I didn’t expect to get a complete answer to this question in 2 days clinic, but Mark’s teaching and training inspired and convinced me. His words: “Connect with your horse and let her find the right answer“ made me come much closer to the answer of my question."


"Attended a recent clinic with Mark and it was the best thing i have done for my horse and I. Returning to riding with a lack of confidence is not easy but the clinic has taught me heaps about conecting with my horse. Mark was there for me when i felt nervous riding and talked me through the itchy spots. I rode out on two trail rides with my mare which was amazing as it is something i thought i would not be able to do. Extremely greatful to Mark for his help. He has given me the confidence and tools to connect better with my horse."


"Marks clinic was extremely educational and informative. We had a wide range of horse, disciplines and rider abilities. He gave everyone good amounts of time one on one and in a group. He dealt with issues like not going forward, not going backward, rushing, anxious horses, rearing horses, green horses; which through his focus method got horses relaxed and working in minutes. Ground and riding exercise to build horse & riders ability and confidence. Understanding the rein and brain connection, with good rein techniques helping horses open their shoulders and control the hind quarters. Thank you Mark, I will see you at the next clinic."


"My horse is a lot more confident and hopefully so am I because I attended the clinic....thank you Mark for your guidance and your patience.... and your directness....nice to meet a horseman who explains the reason behind why he does what he does with the horse.....and give us the tools that work...  Honesty and horsemanship do not always go hand in hand.... that is where Mark is different.... he says it as it is..which is very refreshing."


"Thanks to Mark, I'm a much safer , more confident rider. He has an absolutely unique way of expressing how the horse thinks and what the horse needs from you. This gives me so much more confidence and has allowed me to progress well. I've just booked into my third Mark Langley clinic for this year and I'm really looking forward to it. Apart from improving your riding and relationship with your horse, it's heaps of fun !! Highly recommend !!"


Excellent way to reinforce what you learned at one of Marks clinics. I’m finding them sensational.


"I came away from Mark's clinic with more confidence than ever before, his methodologies simply make sense. I feel I now have the basic tools to move myself and my horse forward in the right direction. After just 1 day, the connection between my horse and myself was stronger. I am now a confident leader who has gained a better understanding of my horse. Thank-you Mark, I look forward to attending many more of you clinics in the future. "


"I had the opportunity to work alongside Mark recently for a couple of weeks as he started half a dozen young horses. Mark's ability to read horses is almost supernatural and he has an uncanny skill of adapting lessons to the needs of the horse or rider. Adopting Mark's training techniques with my own horses has not only made me a better horseman, but it has made me a better person. By learning to communicate with horses, I have become more patient, cooperative, and observant with both horses and people. I have learned how important it is to lay the foundations in any cooperative relationship in order to be successful. Mark is good with people and great with horses. Thanks, Mark, for helping me see the world from the horse's perspective."


"Thank you for a fabulous clinic. I appreciate your kind, insightful and patient way with people Mark. I felt in very good hands, had quite a few pennies drop, brushed up on my skills and overall had a wonderful time. "


"Mark is a true thinking horseman, he helps the horses and the owners. There is no 'secret ingredient' that you need to pay for to get results."


Your On-line Videos are really helpful- such a difference!!! I'm delighted with their extra enthusiasm... They've always been happy to see me, but this feels extra special! The horses are loving the work. Thank you for your sharing your philosophy and skills.


"This Clinic was Awesome! I had so much fun, I learnt a huge amount and my horse improved enormously! Mark is a gifted and dedicated horseman and a patient educator. He has amazing ability to attend to the needs of each while taking care of the group as a whole.His commitment to helping people improve their relationships with their horses and to make riding safe and fun is most apparent. I will be back again soon!"


Mark has the most innate natural ability to hone in on every individuals and horses needs. He is always there as a guide of positive change. Every clinic I have attended the horses leave in a far more calm frame of mind than when they arrived, and probably their riders too.


"Awesome horseman!!! Gave me the skills and confidence to create the partnership with my horse that I only ever dreamed of! No gimmicks, no set programs, no costly add on's.. just a master with a toolbox of skills that truly wants to help every individual and their horse. Also the damnedest hardworking clinician I've ever seen."


"It was our pleasure to host Mark Langley over here in WA for one of his fabulous two day horsemanship clinics here at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre. We were privileged to watch this amazing horseman first hand working with a variety of horses and their owners participating in this wonderful clinic. We would highly recommend anyone having problems, or simply wanting to improve their connection with their horse, to get along to any of Mark’s clinics or private lessons. Mike Jacobson and Natasha Baker, Sunninghill Equestrian Centre."


"Mark has been working with my young horse for close to a year. I have had a nasty fall off her a year ago and she become skittish, after attending one of Mark's clinics as a fence sitter I was impressed with his philosophy and great ability to read the horse. Mark works with my mare once a month and she is progressing so well. She is developing into a calm and confident girl thanks to Mark and his homework he gives me. Cannot recommend Mark enough!!"


"I have never witnessed someone as talented with horses as Mark is."


Thanks for a brilliant 2 day clinic in Perth, Mark. I feel I received so much assistance with my young horse and came away with exercises to keep improving both my horsemanship skills and our journey in training. I love the approach you use in your clinics of asking what we've been doing with the horse, looking at what we think our problem is or our goal, then trying to give us exercises or advice on how to go forward. Never ever a one size fits all, everyone and every horse is unique. Different riders have different skill levels. You have a wonderful talent for being able to assess all of this and give us a clear, well explained way forward to improve or achieve goals.Looking forward to your next 2 clinics.  Thanks again!


"I have been having lessons with Mark once a month since last July, and the change in my horse is quite remarkable. I love Mark’s basic principle, which is that of connection. It just makes perfect sense. We want to establish a connection with our horses, so that they feel safe and happy with us, so that they are relaxed and soft and able to learn.  For this, we need patience, a capacity to be centred, focussed, and calm. So much of what we do with horses pushes them away, produces separation. Instead, we need an energy that draws them to us. Mark’s demonstration of this is so clear. He himself has a wonderful calm presence. I never feel anxious when working with him! In fact it is fun. And there is a sense of ease about everything we do. I always come away feeling energised  and inspired.  My horse, who is an arab, had a tendency to be jumpy and distracted. She now feels so much calmer, more relaxed, and, with connection, things just start to fall into place. Mark does not give or follow recipes: every horse, every situation, is particular. The one thread through it all is connection."


"This was the first time I have seem Mark in person and to witness the change in both horse and rider over the three days was absolutely amazing. To be inspired by an amazing horseman is truly refreshing."


"Really enjoyed the clinic last weekend, learnt heaps and loved that as well as group tuition each horse and rider combo were given individual instruction according to their needs. Mark also showed how everything we were learning could be relevant to our particular disciplne (endurance). I can feel a definite improvement in my horse this week and know that what I learnt at the clinic will benefit all my other horses as well. Would certainly be interested in doing a progressive clinic in the future."


"Just participated in a 2 day clinic with Mark and a group of wonderful people. Love his philosophy, easy going manner, and easy to understand approach to connecting and working with our horses. Straightforward, simple, made complete sense and I (being a nervous rider) haven’t felt so confident on my horse in quite a while. Came away with some useful strategies and exercises that I will be practising. I usually find an excuse not to ride but it was very windy, dusty, a shade umbrella took flight, there were dogs, children in the bushes, a killer leaf that fell on us and my horse and I took it all in our stride. Loved it!! Just wish he lived in Queensland."


"I would highly recommend Marks clinics to anyone who may have the opportunity to either participate or fence sit. Having just returned from a 2 day clinic in Newcastle with a couple of friends, Marks philosophy and techniques really struck a chord, more so than anything I have been exposed to before. Mark has an individual approach to each horse, and is both fair and generous with the time he spends with each participant. As someone has said before there is no one size fits all, he looks at each horse and identifies strategies to help that horse and rider. It was amazing how he read our horses, finding their quirks and helping accordingly. I came away with everything and more than I had hoped for. Brilliant."


"I just wanted to say thank you. I attended Gen Wythes’(your clinic) in Eugowra with Brumby Jim aka Ruben and have been watching monthly membership videos. I have moved to Canberra and for the first time Ruben did not shake in the float.  It was a stormy, horrible day and he was so calm.  He unloaded calmly, walked to his new paddock and started eating.  It was fabulous.  We have met many scary things in his new home but with connection on the ground I have not been scared of what will happen once.  Slowly slowly we have worked through each thing over the last 4 weeks until today where we finally went for a ride and he was confident and calm. I never would have done this without your help.  I have a different horse and I am a different horseman.  I cannot thank you enough."


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