EDIX Sidepull

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EDIX leather ED-2 Rose edition sidepull.
This design is the best sidepull we have seen on the market currently.

All colours in stock now!

$285.00 incl GST

“These are sidepulls that I have come across – I really like the way they fit and the comfort they provide on horses. The lack of the browband is not an issue – I have seen these in work on different shaped horses and they do provide a secure fit and stay well in place.” Mark

The leather is quality and like everything we sell, is built to last.

“It’s a normal straight Sidepull (it doesn’t cross over). It is a fairly think padded noseband & padded at the poll.
With a Sidepull I prefer clear and accurate pressure (not leverage or distributed pressure). I find with cross under Sidepulls I have found they create restriction around the nose as opposed to pressure pulling from the front when you use 2 reins in the back up.” Mark

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