Padded Rope Halter

Hand crafted padded horse rope halter

“The quality of these will be hard to beat”


$44.00 incl GST

Great quality padded rope halters made in Australia and designed by Mark Langley.
No knots over the sensitive areas; padding over nose and poll in the right places; and great fitting shape for connective feel.

Watch Mark’s video on how to tie a lead rope to one of his halters here

Sizing: Please see sizing chart. Cob is generally a small size and Full fits most standard horses.

Eco Standard: Your product will be carefully packaged with paper and not plastic in line with our environmental commitment to a sustainable future. These products are made in Australia, supporting Australian industry.

Returns: Please check your sizing carefully. Products can be returned for alternative sizes however you must cover the cost of postage.

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3 reviews for Padded Rope Halter

  1. Jacqueline Jenkins

    Look good and a strong halter

  2. Jacqueline Jenkins

    Looks great. Also looks like a strong halter.

  3. Jacqueline Jenkins

    Looks great also halter looks strong too

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